Free Half-Square Triangle Quilt Pattern

Free Half-Square Triangle Quilt Pattern

Every quilter needs a solid quilt pattern in their back pocket. One that they can come back to time and again, that’s always fun and easy to make, that works with any fabric, that can be scaled to any size, and can suit any recipient or occasion.

For us, that quilt pattern is a simple half-square triangle quilt. Half-square triangles are just what they sound like — one half of a square, with the hypotenuse running from one corner of the square to the other. Also abbreviated as HSTs, half-square triangles have been used in quilt patterns for centuries — and for good reason.

They are extremely versatile based on the color, fabric choice, size, and orientation of the blocks. They can also be easily scaled up or down and paired with many different shapes to produce more complex blocks like stars. But we’re purists at heart, and with this pattern, we really wanted to let the humble HST shine on its own. So we scaled the blocks up to 7” finished and framed them with a neutral background and border.

With only two fabrics, a timeless HST quilt can be customized with your favorite colors and fabrics. Keep it neutral, add a pop of color, or make a scrappy version with whatever you have on hand.

We also love how the large piecing lends itself to hand quilting, and how dramatic a large, contrasting thread can be. If you want to make your own version of a classic half-square triangle quilt and put your own unique touch on it, follow the link below to download this free pattern.

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