Collection: Valley House Woodworking

We've been sourcing pin bowls, vases, and studio brushes from Kelli of Valley House Woodworking since spring 2023, and we love the organic shapes she makes out of wood sourced in her home state of Montana. Each piece is sustainably made by hand and crafted to bring out the natural beauty of the materials. 

Kelli began making things out of wood during a decline in her grandfather’s health. He carved for as long as she could remember, and it was a way she could connect with him. When he passed away, Kelli inherited his hand tools and taught herself to use them. The Valley House name is a little letter of thanks to her grandfather for the craft he left her in charge of, and Kelli aims to build a life that he would smile at, one gouge stroke at a time.

We are proud to stock original, handmade pieces from Valley House Woodworking that combine heritage craftsmanship and a modern aesthetic.