Collection: Nimmit

Nimmit collaborates with artisans from various regions across India, striving to showcase their remarkable handiwork to a diverse and appreciative global community.

This mission is executed through three primary approaches. First, Nimmit curates a unique collection for each artisan, working closely with them or their communities based on a provided brief. This ensures that their authentic artistry is showcased in a manner that resonates worldwide. Secondly, Nimmit invites artisans to participate in workshops hosted at their branch in Jodhpur. These workshops serve as a platform for skill enhancement, knowledge exchange, and fostering a sense of community among the talented artisans. Finally, Nimmit organizes exhibitions across India and other parts of the world, acting as a beacon for promoting their vision and values.

Through these exhibitions Nimmit encourages engagement and appreciation for Indian arts and crafts, passionately exploring diverse ways of connecting and collaborating with artisans with a focus on nurturing and preserving the beauty of Indian arts and crafts.