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Cohana Masu Box Pincushion

Cohana Masu Box Pincushion

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Masu boxes were was originally used to measure rice, and later came into use holding sake glasses. This fragrant Japanese cypress masu box encases a pincushion made of Kokura fabric, a cotton textile produced in the Northern Kyushu region of Japan since the early Edo period.

Kokura fabric is known for its three-dimensional stripes — its production once ceased during World War II, however, after several decades, a weaver Noriko Tsuiki revived Kokura textiles and made it into a thriving industry. 

This pincushion comes with three glass head pins flecked with uniquely crafted "Shippo flakes," which are incorporated into the glass head of the sewing pins, bringing color and an elevated touch to your craft. 

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